"I tend to hold stress in my neck and upper back, and when I met Maryellen I was in pain and had been unable to find relief.  With previous massages, no one ever reached the depth of the pain appropriately ~ being either much too gentle or so deep that they left me in severe pain.  Maryellen really listened to what I needed and was able to give me deep, good-feeling relief!  Maryellen is extremely compassionate, highly skilled, intensely dedicated to her work, and she has a great sense of humor too!  She immediately puts you at ease and helps you unplug from any mental and emotional stress.  I highly recommend Maryellen as someone who genuinely cares about her clients and makes their care her priority!"
~ Cindi Saadi, Certified Professional Life Coach
Lewes, Delaware

"Maryellen is one of the best message therapists I've seen in many years.  She is focused on her customer's needs, and her sessions go a long way to improve overall quality of life.  She's kept me sane and has virtually eliminated my upper and mid-back pain with regular deep tissue messages.  I highly recommend her!  AMHK"

It is my pleasure to say nice things about Maryellen as she is one of the best people I know - both professionally and as a valued friend.  I have been a client for over 5 years and get regular deep tissue massage…  Without a doubt, if not for her help, I would be a cripple today. 
 She takes the time to assess your health initially to develop the best course of treatment for your needs - this is no "cookie-cutter" operation! She always asks questions before each session and, best of all, actually listens to your responses!  No two sessions are alike so even if you see her every week, she fine tunes what you need each time.
Sandi Jacobs